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Reports, bulletins - 2013

Women’s Court – A Feminist Approach to Justice

Summary report on seminar Women's Court - a feminist approach to justice

Report for January - December 2013 (pdf)

Report for July – August – September 2013

This is a short report on Women in Black’s activities in the given period pertaining to organizing of Women’s Court – A Feminist Approach to Justice. The report mostly focuses on activities implemented in Serbia, as well as activities implemented with partner organizations. Information on activities in other former Yugoslav states are represented inasmuch as Women in Black, as the responsible party for program activities, have been given information from other organizations of the Women’s Court Organizational Board.

Report for July – August – September 2013 (pdf)

Meeting of Members of the Initiative Board of the

Initiative for Women's Court – Feminist Approach to Justice

Skopje, February 1st – 2nd 2013

Hotel Skopski merak, Andon Dukov 27, Skopje 1000, Skopje, Macedonia

Decisions and conclusions

1. The decision to change the name of the Board: At the meeting of the members of the Initiative Committee female court-feminist approach to justice, held on February 2nd 2013, in Skopje, it was decided that from this date, the Initiative Board will be renamed the Organizing Committee

2. The decision about the implementation of program activities: Women in Black will continue to lead the process on behalf of OC of the Women 'Court

Meeting of members of Initiative Board Skopje January 2013 (pdf)



Women’s Court Regional
Organisational Board

Bosnia & Herzegovina:
Mothers of the Enclaves of Srebrenica and Zepa
Foundation CURE (www.fondacijacure.org)
Centre for Women’s Studies (www.zenstud.hr)
Centre for Women War Victims - ROSA (www.czzzr.hr)
Kosovo Women’s Network (www.womensnetwork.org)
National Council for Gender Equality (www.sozm.org.mk)
Anima (www.animakotor.org)
Women’s Lobby Slovenia (www.zls.si)
Women’s Studies (www.zenskestudie.edu.rs)
Women in Black (www.zeneucrnom.org)
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