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Reports, bulletins - 2017

Women’s Court – feminist approach

Activities in the continuation of the W'sC process – 2017

The final event in Sarajevo is not the end of the process, but rather an incentive to creating new models of justice out of the feminist perspective. It is the responsibility primarily to the witnesses, but also an expression of our responsibility to the enormous burden of the recent past and its consequences on women’s everyday lives on the economic, social, political and cultural plan.

Women’s Court – feminist approach Report of activities in 2017.

Women's Court - Feminist Approach to Justice

The first Women's Court on the territory of Europe, was held in Sarajevo from May 7th to 10th 2015, organized by 10 women's groups from the former Yugoslavia (Movement Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa; Cure Foundation, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Centar for women victims of War; Centre for women's studies, Zagreb, Croatia; Center for women and peace education Anima, Kotor, Montenegro; The Council for Gender Equality, Skopje, Macedonia; Women's Lobby, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Center for women's studies and Women in Black, Belgrade, Serbia. Women's Court was attended by over 500 people from all the countries of the former Yugoslavia, but also from Argentina, Algeria, Palestine, Israel, USA, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, etc.

Womens Court report Sep Dec 2016 eng



Women’s Court Regional
Organisational Board

Bosnia & Herzegovina:
Mothers of the Enclaves of Srebrenica and Zepa
Foundation CURE (www.fondacijacure.org)
Centre for Women’s Studies (www.zenstud.hr)
Centre for Women War Victims - ROSA (www.czzzr.hr)
Kosovo Women’s Network (www.womensnetwork.org)
National Council for Gender Equality (www.sozm.org.mk)
Anima (www.animakotor.org)
Women’s Lobby Slovenia (www.zls.si)
Women’s Studies (www.zenskestudie.edu.rs)
Women in Black (www.zeneucrnom.org)
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