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Women’s courts

The courts of Women seek to weave together the objective reality (through analysis of the issues) with the subjective testimonies of the women; the personal with the political, the logical with the lyrical (trough the video testimonies, artistic images and poetry) moving the Court to connect the rational with the affective, the dancer with dance, urging the discerning of fresh insights, offering other ways of knowing, seeking deeper layers of knowledge.

The Court of Women organized by AWHRC in the Asia Pacific region inspired courts in other regions particularly in the Arab world, Africa and Central America.

These have been initiated by Corinne Kumar, the International Coordinator of the Courts of Women and the Regional Coordinator of AWHRC who is at present the Secretary General of El Taller, which Has been central to the organising of the Courts in other regions along with groups and networks involved with issues related to women’s human rights.




so far there has been over 40 women's cort all around the world
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